José Ramón Lerma

Nude 3

José Ramón Lerma was born in 1930 in the Salinas Valley. Lerma came to San Francisco in 1950 and was one of the first Latino students to study at the California School of Fine Arts, now SFAI. Lerma was soon drafted into the Intelligence Division of the U.S. Army at the start of the Korean War. He was stationed close to the front and … Read more »

Win Ng

Wave (1959)

Born in San Francisco’s Chinatown, Win Ng established his reputation as a master ceramist, with an initial focus on abstract, non-utilitarian works in the tradition of Peter Voulkos. Raised in Chinatown, he attended Saint Mary’s Academy for six years where he studied Chinese language. Later, he attended City College of San Francisco, and San Francisco State. After discharge from the army, he … Read more »

Robert Colescott

Colescott-Crow-in Window

Crow In Window
Acrylic on Canvas, 4″ x 5″, 1978… Read more »

Manuel Neri

Neri-Standing-Plaster Figure

Standing Plaster Figure
Enamel on plaster, 5 1/2″x6 1/4″, 1959… Read more »

Luis Cervantes

Luis Cervantes 1

Luis Cervantes, 1923-2005 – artist, painter, sculptor, philosopher, and muralist who inspired generations of artists.

“He was passionate about creating a message about one’s roots. ” Luis Cervantes and his wife, Susan Kelk Cervantes, opened the New Mission Gallery in the 1960s, and in 1977, they started Precita Eyes Muralists, whose mission is to produce urban community art through collaborations. Mr. Cervantes directed many … Read more »

Leo Valledor

Four Seasons (1980)… Read more »

Jose Montoya

Read more »

George Miyasaki


Red 48
Oil on canvas, 1963… Read more »

Gary Woo


Gary Woo was an acclaimed abstract painter who worked in San Francisco for five decades.

Born in Guangzhou, China, in 1925, Woo relocated to San Francisco in 1939. After serving in World War II, Woo studied briefly at the San Francisco Art League and the California School of Fine Arts. His abstract painting was related to the Chinese calligraphy he had learned from his … Read more »

Esteban Villa

Ceasar Chavez

Ceasar ChavezRead more »

Dewey Crumpler

Untitled #12
Mixed-Media on Paper, 24″x32″, 1998… Read more »

Sung Woo Chun


The Joy of Ancients
Oil on Canvas, 70 x 62 inches, 1961… Read more »

Carlos Villa

Mask – Unmask
Feathers, acrylic on unstretched canvas… Read more »

Jimi Suzuki

Black Hole
Oil on Canvas, 33 x 30 inches, 1962… Read more »