Allan Gordon

Carlos Villa: Maybe we could talk about the time around Abstract Expressionism—around the late forties, fifties, and seventies. What was the condition like for some of the artists that were involved at that time—maybe not necessarily in Abstract Expressionism—but active at that time?

Allan Gordon: Well, I think the conditions that obtained during this time, for the artist, were not unlike the conditions for … Read more »

Arthur Monroe

Carlos Villa: How long ago was that? What’s the date? Do you have a –

Arthur Monroe: Yeah, it was around, ’54, ’55. And so, I said, “Sure, you know, I’ll go along with you.” So, we went over and enrolled in Brooklyn Museum. It was just like walking in, you know.

CV: Yeah.

AM: I said, “Do you want to get an advisor?” … Read more »

Arthur Okamura

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Carlos Loarca

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Carlos Villa


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Cornelia Schulz

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Deborah Remington

Carlos Villa: Lets talk about the period of time from the cold war, to the civil rights march with Martin Luther King, all the way to the seventies, when women were being accepted and the door was open for them to come in and be actual participants in the art world.

Deborah Remington: When we put together the Six Gallery, I was the only … Read more »

Dewey Crumpler

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Dewey Crumpler interviews Harold Supriano


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Dewey Crumpler on Jazz


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Emael on Transgression

Interview by Carlos Villa… Read more »

Frank La Pena

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Fred Martin

Partial Transcript

Carlos Villa: Okay, introducing Fred Martin. Fred Martin has been a mentor, a friend and a role model for me since, ever since about 1959, and probably even earlier, because he was, because at that time, he was pretty much a – what can I say? He was legendary. He was legendary because he had shows at the Six Gallery as an … Read more »

George Miyasaki

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Gustavo Ramos Rivera

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Jenifer Wofford

Interview by Emael… Read more »

Jose Montoya – Esteban Villa

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Jose Rawar


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Lenore Chinn on Bernice Bing

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Manuel Neri

CV: Let’s go back to Gizmachi. When was Gizmachi happening? About ’54, ‘53

MN: Mmmm, that name came up, I’m trying to conjure up the name of the guy who brought it up.

CV: Bob Downs?

MN: No. No, no. We were over at the California College of Arts and Crafts, where I first started my art program. That was, God, it must have … Read more »

Mark Johnson

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Mark Johnson on Ruth Asawa

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Mary Lovelace O’Neal

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Nao Bustamante

Interview by Emael… Read more »

Oliver Jackson

Oliver Jackson: Have you – first time you heard one? This is where I got it. Okay. I’m gonna turn it up. Listen. [Piano music playing.] That’s amazing there. I made this one like Tuesday. ___ ____ this radio too.

[Break in recording.]

OJ: — CD in it. You don’t have to have all those speakers because the speakers are really – because see … Read more »

Patricio Toro Moreno

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Peter Selz on Rehistoricizing

Interview with Peter Selz by Professor Carlos Villa Via Phone, San Francisco, Ca July 2005
People present in interview: PS: Peter Selz CV: Carlos Villa CM: Charlie Marks

CV: Peter, your influence as a world class, world renowned art historian, art critic as art writer spans over sixty years and so in terms of re-historicizing abstract expressionism I know that you have been around Read more »

Sonia Gechtoff

Carlos Villa: Okay, I was wondering, Sonia, you know, like, I had a conversation, it was a recent conversation with Deborah.

Sonia Gechtoff: Yeah.

CV: And so, I was talking with Deborah about the idea of – about the idea of being an artist or being a painter then, being a woman and being an artist at that time, because, you know, like, there … Read more »

Sung Woo Chun


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Susan Kelk Cervantes

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Whitney Chadwick

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