The goal for this project is to complete the digital and written gathering of exclusively “first voice” biographical material of 23 Women Artists and Artists of Color active in the San Francisco Bay Area from the 1950’s to the late 1960’s, when their histories were undervalued because of public and personal hegemonic social and aesthetic scrutiny. The archive will be housed at the Anne Bremer Memorial Library, San Francisco Art Institute.

Donors & Support

Exhibition funded by Cultural Equity
Interviews/transcription funded by the Swig Foundation


Carlos Villa
Catherine U-Thasoonthorn
Cal Zecca Ferris
Maria Bonn
Christian Ebert
Pete Hickok
Marly Hammer
Kim Silva
Luis Garcia
Michael Friedman
David Borengasser
Sasha Dobbs
Esther Weng
Isa Quezon
Emilia Quisada
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