WATCH VIDEO: Rehistoricizing Symposium September 2010 at San Francisco Art Institute

Day 2

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Rehistoricizing Exhibition at the Luggage Store Gallery, June 4 – July 31, 2010

Luggage Store Gallery Facing west

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Symposium September 10-12 at San Francisco Art Institute: Rehistoricizing Abstract Expressionism in the Bay Area

rehistoricizing poster

The Rehistoricizing Exhibition at the Luggage Store gallery presented the work of women artists and artists of color from varied ethnic and cultural backgrounds who worked in a ”pre post –race” environment, an era in which the artist hero was almost always a white male, in particular among abstract expressionists. Classic examples are Willem De Kooning, Jackson Pollack, Mark Rothko, all white men whose … Read more »

Rehistoricizing Exhibition reviewed in San Francisco Examiner

New view of Bay Area abstractionism
By: Murray Paskin
Special to The Examiner
July 8, 2010

“On view at the Luggage Store Gallery through July, “Rehistoricizing Abstract Expressionism in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1950s-1960s” attempts to compensate for the fact that some artists, due to their race or gender, weren’t given the recognition they deserved at the movement’s height on the West Coast.… Read more »