Esteban Villa

Ceasar Chavez

Esteban Villa, born August 3, 1930, in Tulare, California, is a nationally recognized artist and muralist. A Professor Emeritus at California State University, his teaching career began in 1962 at the high school level and includes assignments at Washington State University, D.Q.U., Davis, and numerous lecture and slide presentations, art exhibits and mural projects at Universities mainly in California and surrounding states. He has served as an art consultant to schools and organizations including Centro de Artistas Chicanos, and has done art programs in the Prison System. He is a founding member of the Royal Chicano Air Force, a collective of artists, professors and students, which was formed amid the Chicano Movimiento’s push for social and political rights.

Log Cabin Window
Acrylic on Canvas, 3′ x 4′, 1989

Esteban Villa CV

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