Emael on Transgression

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Art Criticism: A Pan-African Point of View by Keith Morrison

“Are there ideas native to Black artists that critics overlook? The question has been asked many times before but the answers have not led to change that the overwhelming number of Black artists would consider to be even remotely satisfactory. The shortage of published criticism of the works of Black artists would lead to the assumption that there are no art ideas—no aesthetic tradition … Read more »

Gender, Race & Modernism after the Second World War by Whitney Chadwick


“The emergence of an American avant-garde, along with a body of formalist criticism centered in the writings of Clement Greenberg and his followers, dominates traditional art historical accounts of the period after the Second World War. Nevertheless, abstract and figurative art coexisted despite the increasing critical and curatorial attention directed toward Abstract Expressionist and their successors after 1948. The ways that the meanings of … Read more »

Dewey Crumpler on Jazz


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Dewey Crumpler interviews Harold Supriano


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WATCH VIDEO: Rehistoricizing Symposium September 2010 at San Francisco Art Institute

Day 2

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Allan Gordon

Carlos Villa: Maybe we could talk about the time around Abstract Expressionism—around the late forties, fifties, and seventies. What was the condition like for some of the artists that were involved at that time—maybe not necessarily in Abstract Expressionism—but active at that time?

Allan Gordon: Well, I think the conditions that obtained during this time, for the artist, were not unlike the conditions for … Read more »

Whitney Chadwick

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Fred Martin

Partial Transcript

Carlos Villa: Okay, introducing Fred Martin. Fred Martin has been a mentor, a friend and a role model for me since, ever since about 1959, and probably even earlier, because he was, because at that time, he was pretty much a – what can I say? He was legendary. He was legendary because he had shows at the Six Gallery as an … Read more »